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Using a licensed attorney that has read and contributed to the leases we use is important. We have documents and processes that allow us to avoid drawn-out evictions and help mitigate, negotiate, or resolve past due rent problems.

Evictions and Collections are a part of being a Landlord. Many DIY Landlords are not pursuing their past tenant's debts. Debt collections are done at no cost to owners. The tenant's credit will be impacted. If possible, skip tracing and wage garnishment are effective tools for recovering lost revenue.


T. 502-416-0150


Dealing with non-paying tenants, evictions, court filings, and past due rent is often a large financial and emotional strain for property owners. LREI will take care of everything involved and help drastically reduce the risk of non-paying tenants moving forward with our proven tenant screening methods and procedures.

LREI Property Management LLC relies on the Michelle Rawn Law Firm to represent the owner's interest in court.

The Rawn Law Firm focuses on landlord tenant law and real estate law, in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Their mission is to be an efficient, professional and caring law firm that provides high-quality work, which meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. They  are detail and results oriented, providing outstanding personal service in a client friendly atmosphere.



We use a unique, signature service for our clients who wish to recoup their collection expense from their delinquent and defaulted customers or patients. This Commission Added Contingency Service is fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and places the cost of collection on the debtor rather than our client thru contract law and state & federal statutes.

Their reputation for proven results has allowed us to grow from what was originally a local collections service, into a regional, and now national, entity. Their Collections Services Division promises to deliver the highest quality service, and the results to back it up.

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