Our guarantees


In the event that we cannot rent your home in 30 days or less, we'll offer you two months of management for free. Otherwise, the first two months of management fees are on us.


  1. The home must be vacant - We can't rent a home that is occupied or not ready for a tenant to move in.

  2. We set the rental price - We have a set process for determining market value and do not guarantee days on market when listing above market rate. We're going to watch the price to ensure that we come down in small increments as needed to assure that your home gets rented.

  3. Must allow pets​ - Two-thirds of prospective tenants have pets. With one-third of the rental pool it is difficult for us to rent a home within the guaranteed timeframe.​




We guarantee your Tenant will stay for 12 months, or we will find a replacement FOR FREE.

We guarantee that you will NEVER have to pay 2 leasing fees in the same 12-month period. In the event your tenant breaks their lease within the first 12 months we are going to replace that tenant and you will not be charged a leasing fee.


  • Must be managed by LREI Property Management. If we do not manage the tenant, we cannot control the rental experience and therefore, we do not guarantee their stay.

  • Military Relocation where a tenant receives orders are outside of anyone’s control and excluded from this guarantee.

  • Maintenance must be approved timely, if it isn't and we lose a tenant we will not guarantee the tenant will stay.


Plan Administration / Eligibility Requirements

Landlord account with LREI Property Management, LLC must be in good standing and with no violations of the terms of the Residential Management Agreement. Termination of the Residential Management Agreement shall cause enrollment in Risk Mitigation to immediately terminate and LREI Property Management, LLC shall not be responsible for any claims either past or future.

Resident must have been procured by LREI Property Management, LLC and on a LREI Property Management, LLC lease agreement with a start date of June 1, 2020 or later.