Roof & Gutter Maintenance

Gutters require cleaning, sealing, realigning, and inspecting gutter boards. It is an activity that most people pass on to the Single-Family Home Resident. However, the risk of damage is too high to be covered in a security deposit and servicing gutters is not an activity tenants know how to do properly and, in many cases, do not have the tools necessary to do it. 


Gutter Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

Climbing the ladder to clean gutters can be dangerous. Tenants will see this as an added benefit and consider this activity when making a releasing decision.


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Avoid Water Damage To Your Home

Clogged gutters are often the cause of many water-related damages that occur to your home. When your gutters are clogged and water isn’t being properly diverted away from your foundation, you could be facing devastating and costly damage repairs.


Average Cost

The average cost of gutter cleaning is $150 with most homeowners spending between $110 and $185 or from $0.50 to $1.50 per linear foot. Gutter cleaning costs between $125 and $250 in a two-story home with 200 linear feet of gutters. A one-story house starts at $75 for a light cleaning and up to $200 for heavy cleaning.

The national average cost for a roof inspection is $290 to $350. The cost varies depending on the size, slope, and material of your roof, as well as the specific type of inspection. Most roof inspectors charge a flat fee, but some are price it by square footage of the roof

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Email our office today to Opt-In for this Service. You will get a gutter cleaning, sealing, maintenance and roof inspection for $150 Flat Fee. Offer is for a single-family residence two story or less and performed annually in the Fall. Multifamily properties will be bid by the linear foot of gutter and height of building.